Megan Earle

PhD Candidate, Social/Personality Psychology

I am currently a PhD Candidate at Brock University. My research examines relations between micro-level (e.g., individual differences) and macro-level (e.g., broad social systems) variables in predicting attitudes toward marginalized groups. Specifically, my research focuses on two main areas: 1) how people perceive and respond to changes in their culture in ways that impact prejudice and discrimination, and 2) cross-regional comparisons of prejudice and its predictors.


In my work, I use cross-sectional, experimental, and longitudinal designs. I have expertise in structural equation modeling including complex mediation and moderation, cross-lagged models, latent growth models, multilevel modelling, factor analysis, and content analysis. I am proficient in excel, SPSS, Mplus, and R.

I also enjoy expanding my methodological expertise. Currently I am expanding my experience with python and SQL and developing skills relevant to big data approaches, including web scraping and machine learning.

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Special Issue

Special Issue at Group Processes & Intergroup Relations

We are seeking articles that cover perceptions of, or reactions to, social change. Call for papers can be found here.

Editors: Megan Earle, Gordon Hodson, & Maureen Craig

Submission Deadline: January 15, 2021

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