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I have used R for numerous types of statistical tests, including multilevel modeling, factor analysis, regression, mediation, moderation, chi-square difference tests, t-tests, ANOVA, cross-lagged panel models, latent growth models, structural equation modeling, and effect sizes. Pictured is a snippet of code for a project examining the interaction between personal experiences and country laws in predicting support for LGBT people across 77 countries.

I have also used R to perform analyses and create data visualizations for projects examining racial discrimination over time, relations between COVID-19 prevalence and prejudice toward minorities, the impact of advertisement exposure on hiring decisions, and relations between regional demographic change on attitudes toward immigrants.

More examples of my R code can be found on GitHub.


I have used Python for a number of projects. Pictured is a snippet of code for a program that provides an estimate of the reading level for a given piece of text.

I have also used Python to create a spell-checker, a program to buy and sell stocks, and a program to identify and validate credit card numbers. Additionally, I have used python for statistical computing, data visualization, web scraping, natural language processing, and performing sentiment analysis on tweets, news articles, and historic texts.

More examples of my python code can be found on GitHub.

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I have used SQL to manage databases and extract statistical information. Pictured is a snippet of code I wrote for a program that allows users to buy and sell stocks.

I have also used SQL to extract and assess information from a movie database, create student rosters, and create and update stock trading data.

More examples of my SQL code can be found on GitHub.


I have used Mplus to perform statistical analyses for numerous correlational, experimental, and longitudinal projects. Pictured is a snippet of code examining the effect of advertisements on willingness to eat the dish presented.

I have also used Mplus to examine the effect of news media on political polarization, conduct power analyses, and examine the effect of advertising on attitudes toward women.

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